[Plasters, Dressings & Bandages]

Hansaplast® Elastique


    Hansaplast® Elastic is a wide range of plasters hyper adhesive, intended for first aid and minor injuries.
    These plasters contain pads impregnated with antiseptic, fixed on elastic backing assuring a high impermeability without sticking to the wound.


  • Minor wound protection
  • First aid dressing


  • Hyper adhesive dressing
  • Adhere to the skin forms
  • Adapted to body parts on move
  • Flexible and very comfortable
  • Permeable to air
  • Water proof

VisuelCode Adhe-elsCode PCTProduct DesignationBandage/StripsUseColorWidth in (cm)Length in (m)Items per boxItem per carton
2658BandageInjuries careSaumon80,51270
2664BandageInjuries careSaumon411400
2666BandageInjuries careSaumon611331
2668BandageInjuries careSaumon811270
2686BandageInjuries careSaumon65154
2625StripsInjuries careSaumon25320
2637StripsInjuries careSaumon100100
2654BandageInjuries careSaumon40,51400
2656BandageInjuries careSaumon60,51331