[Surgical Sutures]



    PLEDGETS® non absorbable poly-tetra fluoro ethylene.


  • PTFE pledgets are indicated for use as non absorbable suture supports when there is a possibility of sutures tearing through tissue.
    These pledgets are used in various surgical procedures such as :
    - Vascular closure.
    - Septal repair.
    - Myocardial closure.
    - heart's valve suturing.
    - Hepatic repair.


    None known

Properties and advantages

  • The cause Pledgets in tissue minimal inflammatory reaction, followed by gradual encapsulation by fibrous connective tissue.


    Oxide ethylene (O.E.)

Shelf life

    3 years


  • Pledgets are conditioned by bag of two units, grouped in lumps of 36 bags.

Type of needle : Curvature :
VisuelNeedle length mmNumbers of needleAbsorbable/Non absorbableSynthetic / NaturalBraided / MonofilUSPThread Length cmSizeThreaddiameter mmThread colourPackagingCode Adhe-elsCode PCT
Non absorbableSynthetic3mm x 3mmPastille en TéflonWhitePTFE 3650757
Non absorbableSynthetic3mm x 6mmPastille en TéflonWhitePTFE 6650755


The available list of the USP (United States pharmacopeia): 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1/0 2/0 3/0 4/0 5/0 6/0 7/0 8/0 9/0 10/0.

The abbreviations of the curvatures sum up in the following list:

CR (Courbe Ronde), DR (Droite Ronde), CT (Courbe Triangulaire), DT (Droite Triangulaire), CRTC (CR Tapercut), CRPP (CR Pointe Précision), CTPP (CT Pointe Précision), CRMP (CR Micro Pointe), CRPF (CR Pointe Fine), CTCF (CT Corps Fort), CSMP (Courbe Spatulée Micro Pointe), TPC (Trocart Pointe Cercle), CRTCCF (CR Tapercut Corps Fort), CRCF (CR Corps Fort), TC (Tapercut).