Medical Flashlight–17- 12 -2010

Modifiable risk factors associated with sudden cardiac arrest within hemodialysis clinics. Dialysis-related factors associated with increased risk of sudden cardiac arrest were identified in this case-control study encompassing 43,200 patients dialyzed in outpatient clinics during a 3-year study period. Within this group, the clinical and dialysis-specific data of 502 patients who experienced a sudden cardiac […]

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Medical Flashlight-13-01-2011

Comparison of 4- and 8-h dialysis sessions in thrice-weekly in-Title centre haemodialysis. This prospective, case-controlled, non-randomized study investigated whether dialysis sessions with a duration of 7 -8 hours (h) thrice-weekly during the night (NHD) provide better outcome than conventional thrice-weekly 3.5 4.5-h HD (CHD)…………………. Documents joints : Medical Flashlight-13-01-2011

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Medical Flashlight-03-02-2011

An Epidemiological Study of Hemodialysis Patients Based on the European Fresenius Medical Care Hemodialysis Network: Results of the ARO Study. The Analyzing Data, Recognizing Excellence and Optimizing Outcome (ARO) CKD Research Initiative, an observational study of HD patients in Europe, aims to enhance the understanding of patient characteristics and practice patterns to improve patient outcome………………… […]

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Medical Flashlight-17-02-2011

Risk factors associated with patency loss of haemodialysis vascular access within 6 months. Approximately 20-30% of all hospital admissions for patients with ESRD are related to complications of vascular access. Clinical guidelines support vascular access surveillance to detect access dysfunction. This study investigated the association between loss of primary functional patency within 6 months of […]

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Medical Flashlight-10-03-2011

Vegetarian Compared with Meat Dietary Protein Source and Phosphorus Homeostasis in Chronic Kidney Disease. In CKD patients disturbances of mineral and bone metabolism often lead to elevated serum phosphate levels. Consequently, dietary phosphate is usually restricted in these patients, leading to cumbersome procedures in everyday life, because of the high phosphate content of a typical […]

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