Relying on their big experience and their high-quality products, adhe-els are present since the nineties on the foreign markets. This presence is made through two ways. Either by simple partnership with commercial associates which sells products under adhe-els brand, or by OEM strategy. It means that goods are manufactured by adhe-els for the count of a third party and sold under the name of this last.

Consequently, adhe-els have spread their sales in many African, Asian and European countries such as Germany, France, Greece, Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Jordan, Mali, Tchad……..

However, we still interested by the expand of our activities and remain open for any sort of partnership relating to ones of our various range of products

  • Tapes and plasters.
  • Sterile surgical sutures: absorbable and non absorbable, natural and synthetic.
  • Medical plastic for single use.
  • Hygienic and medical disposables.