The diversity of the threads used, natural or synthetic, absorbable or non absorbable, in spools or set with many types of needles; round, cutting, right, taper cut, spatulated… makes that every surgeon finds in our range a precise answer to his need.


The available list of the USP
United States pharmacopeia

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The abbreviations of the curvatures
The abbreviations of the curvatures sum up in the following list:
CR (Courbe Ronde), DR (Droite Ronde), CT (Courbe Triangulaire), DT (Droite Triangulaire), CRTC (CR Tapercut), CRPP (CR Pointe Précision), CTPP (CT Pointe Précision), CRMP (CR Micro Pointe), CRPF (CR Pointe Fine), CTCF (CT Corps Fort), CSMP (Courbe Spatulée Micro Pointe), TPC (Trocart Pointe Cercle), CRTCCF (CR Tapercut Corps Fort), CRCF (CR Corps Fort), TC (Tapercut).