Adhe-DIAL® J DUO Hémodialysis Catheter Double Lumen


The kit Adhe-DIAL® J DUO is jugular bi lumen dialysis catheter, is used for temporary
vascular access for haemodialysis and hemoperfusion.
The jugular Adhe-DIAL® J DUO can be inserted by the subclavian vein jugular. The
process presents advantages of the single needle technique that provides two accesses with a
single puncture.


  • Flexible catheter, and atraumatic hemocompatible radio opaque polyurethane.
  • Radiopaque catheter fully implemented using the Seldinger tec hnique.
  • The insertion of catheter in the venous system is made through the femoral vein.
  • The introduction of these catheters must be made by ultrasound guide and radiological
    verification of the position of the extremities.
  • Thin-walled catheter to ensure important venous caliber.
  • Extension line catheter in polyurethane with a clamp.
  • This is a complete kit including an ergonomic guide wire dispenser, allowing an aseptic use.
  • The ergonomic push guide allows to perceive any resistance to the advancement of the guide.
  • Centimeter marking
  • Apyrogen
  • Do not resterilize
  • For single use only
  • Latex free
  • Sterile-Sterilized by ethylene oxide


The jugular Adhe-DIAL® J DUO is an emergency catheter for :

  • Haemodialysis
  • In an emergency, if the peritoneal dialysis is impossible, a jugular catheter must be
    established with the risk of compromising the venous drainage of the upper limb.
  • If the creation of an arterio venous fistula is no longer possible.
  • The vascular edge of the lower limbs, superficial treatment of the saphenous vein
    and femoral vein are shown where the capital of both venous upper limbs has been exhausted
    and in case of central venous thrombosis.

Code FR Length (cm) Items per Carton
DLC1015JK 10 15 02
DLC1020JK 10 20 02
DLC11,515JK 11,5 15 02
DLC11.520JK 11,5 20 02
DLC1215JK 12 15 02