Adhe-FLOW® Mono Desilet Mono Lumen Femoral Catheter Set for Haemodialysis


The kit Adhe-FLOW®MONO is a Desilet catheter haemodialysis arteriovenous hemofiltration
and emergency.
It is introduced by transcutaneous route, using the Seld inger technique.
The Desilet Adhe-FLOW®MONO can be introduced by the subclavian vein or jugular ,
the femoral route is the easiest to use in emergencies.


  • Flexible catheter, and atraumatic hemocompatible radiopaque polyurethane.
  • Radiopaque catheter fully implemented using the Seldinger techn ique.
  • The insertion of catheter in the venous system is made through the femoral vein.
  • Thin-walled catheter to ensure important venous calib er.
  • Extension line catheter in polyurethane with a clamp.
  • The introduction of these catheters must be made by ultras ound guide and radiological
    verification of the position of the extremities.
  • The Desilet Adhe-FLOW®MONO assures a big stability and a better protection against
    a bacterial contamination.
  • This is a complete kit including an ergonomic guidewire disp enser, allowing an
    aseptic use.
  • The ergonomic push guide allows to perceive any resistance to the advancement of
    the guide.
  • Centimeter marking
  • Apyrogen
  • Do not resterilize
  • For single use only
  • Latex free
  • Sterile-Sterilized by ethylene oxide


The Desilet Adhe-FLOW®MONO is an emergency catheter for :

  • Haemodialysis.
  • Haemofiltration.
  • Peritoneal dialysis patients who develop peritonitis or un dergoing intervention
    in the abdomen and who need to switch to haemodialysis.
  • Arteriovenous fistula inoperative (too recent thrombosis) or to withdrawal.
  • State of shock, recovery time after surgery.
  • Septic shock.

Code FR Length (cm) Items per Carton
SLC-1018-DK1 10 18 04
SLC-1018-DKG 10 18 04
SLC-1018-DKG2 10 18 04