Adhe-VENOS® Central venous catheter kit Mono Lumen Double lumen Triple lumen


Adhe-VENOS®is a central venous catheter kit are complete set consisting of flex ible polyurethane
catheters for various applications.
is a central venous catheter can be introduced into the veins of the neck, the upper chest(the subclavian vein or jugular).
This process presents the advantages of the technique of the single needle "that provides one, two, or three
accesses for a single puncture


is a central venous catheter kit, are a flexible, atraumatic and hemocompatible thermosensitive
radio opaque polyurethane.
The introduction of these catheters must be made by ultrasound guide and radiological verification of the position
of the extremities.
Thin-walled catheter to ensure important venous caliber .
The inclusion of this type of catheter in the venous system low er cave is done either through sub-clavière or
via jugular left or right.
This is a complete kit including an ergonomic guide wire dispenser, allowing an aseptic use.
The ergonomic push guide allows to perceive any resistance to the advancement of the guide.
Centimeter marking from the distal end.
Do not resterilize
For single use only
Sterile : Sterilised by ethylene oxide


is a central venous catheter indicated for :

  • Obtain of significant flow in the administration of infusion solution and a more rapid dilution of injected substances.
  • Measurement of central venous pressure.
  • The administration of nutrients and hyperosmolar solutions.
  • The administration of drugs (catecholamines, cancer ....).

Code FR Length (cm) Items per Carton
CSLC0515K FR 5 15 05
CSLC0520K FR 5 20 05
CSLC0615K FR 6 15 05
CSLC0620K FR 6 20 05
CDLC0508K FR 5 8 05
CDLC0510K FR 5 10 05
CDLC0515K FR 5 15 05
CDLC0530K FR 5 30 05
CDLC0615K FR 6 15 05
CDLC0620K FR 6 20 05
CDLC0715K FR 7 15 05
CDLC0720K FR 7 20 05
CDLC0815K FR 8 15 05
CDLC0820K FR 8 20 05
CTLC0710K FR 7 10 05
CTLC0715K FR 7 15 05
CTLC0720K FR 7 20 05
CTLC0820K FR 8 20 05