ARTERY-CATH® Cathéter Artériel par Technique Seldinger


The arterial catheter by Seldinger technique is a transparent catheter arterial puncture
with polyethylene radiopaque line, provided with fins f or fixing and anti-kink sleeve.
Smoothly tapered hub transition for easy insertion of guidewire .
Integrated design, providing smooth transition from guide wire to needle and needle to
catheter to ensure minimal trauma at puncture site.
Luer lock fitting.


Radiopaque line facilitate precise positioning.
Catheter sharp at the distal end, with a flexible mount for the anti-kinking and
embase fin facilitating fastening Luer lock connector.
Special tip for easy insertion.
Smooth surface prevents thrombogenesis.
Fixation wings at proximal flexible tip, profiled providing ide al angle of insertion.
For pressure transmission and good physical and mechanical properties of the
Excellent tissue and blood compatibility.
Facilitates arterial puncture in hypotensive patients with a peripheral pulse easy
when atherosclerotic arteries of small caliber .
Colour-coded Luer lock-fittings.
For single use only / do not sterilize.
sterilized with ethylene oxide.


The arterial catheter by Seldinger technique is indicated in th e following situations:

  • Monitoring of blood pressure bloody, advised for prehospital medicine patients
    in shock, the polytrauma and severe head trauma.
    Sampling for blood gaz analysis (Seldinger method).
  • Infuse or inject drugs.
  • Transfuse of nutrient solutions.
  • Performance sampling.

It is recommended to use G18 catheters for femoral arteries and axillary and G20
maximum for other arteries.
Short lengths (between 3 and 5 cm) are preferred for small diameter arteries
(radial, dorsalis pedis).

Code FR Length (cm) Items per Carton
CSAR0303K FR 3 3 30
CSAR0308K FR 3 8 30
CSAR0309K FR 3 9 30
CSAR0310K FR 3 10 30