Biopsy Needle of the Liver


The  biopsy needle of the liver is a very thin device inserted through the skin to remove a small piece of liver. This fragment is examined to diagnose the cause of abnormal liver tests or to determine the need for treatment.


  • The surgical steel cutting end allows to sample completely defined.
  • The slim needles improves the ability to levy.
  • The depth markings in centimeters to facilitate positioning of the needle.
  • Apyrogen.
  • For single use only.
  • Sterilized with ethylene oxide.


Biopsy needle of the liver is indicated when ultrasound examination, the small levy of the liver in people with both HIV and hepatitis B and C.

Code Gauge Length (mm) Ø ext (mm) Items per Carton
20080 G 16 90 1,65 20
20081 G 17 90 1,47 20
20082 G 18 90 1,25 20