Continous Suction Drain with X.R.O


  • Continous suction drain, Redon is a transparent PVC tube with radiopaque line a length of 50 cm with distal end open and blunt.
  • Perforated about 14 cm to 19 cm marking the distal limits.
  • The suction drain provides evacuation to the outside of the body, substances septic or aseptic fluid (infected or not pathogens, which can cause infection) continuously now gaping (wide open) the hole where the drain is introduced that is to say the tube aspirates.


  • Latex free.
  • Non-toxic.
  • Unaffected by folds.
  • Soft and very flexible.
  • Radiopaque line facilitating the control of positioning.
  • Rounded ports guarantee optimal drainage.
  • Single use.
  • Sterile - Sterilized with ethylene oxide.


  • The continous suction drain tube is pierced with many holes on one end that is left inside the wound after surgery, the other end is connected to a device to suck the secretions from the wound with a device using vacuum suction.
  • The drain may be placed in a natural cavity (peritoneal cavity, bladder, pleura, pericardium, joints, bile) or a newly formed cavity, traumatic or infectious (abscess, hematoma, wound, surgical or traumatic separation ...).
  • The maintenance of a temporary flow path.
  • Avoid contact necrosis, fistulas, adhesions.
  • The traumatic wounds resulting in a separation or creating a cavity.
  • Promote the healing of a progressive cavity.
  • Most surgical wounds, especially if they have caused a wide separation (abdominal, gynecological surgery, orthopedic, aesthetic ...).

#+F17:I25 French length of drain (cm) Items per Carton
6400-CH8 CH 8 50 50
6400-CH10 CH 10 50 50
6400-CH12 CH 12 50 50
6400-CH14 CH 14 50 50
6400-CH16 CH 16 50 50
6400-CH18 CH 18 50 50