Device for pleural drainage


  • For single use.
  • Sterile - Sterilized by ethylene oxide.


Pneumothorax :
It is defined by the presence of air or gas in the pleural cavity constituted by the two lungs pleura (membranes covering the lungs and protection) resulting in a retraction
of the lung, which collapses because of elastic properties, and expansion of the thoracic cage.
Pleural effusion fluid :
The pleural cavity is the site of formation of a liquid resulting from the forces of the osmotic and hydrostatic side of visceral and parietal pleura.
There is accumulation of pleural fluid when the amount of liquid produced beyond the capacity of absorption primarily from lymphatic drainage.
Depending on the nature of the liquid, the effusion will be called:

  • pyothorax: purulent effusion.
  • Hemothorax: hemorrhagic effusion.
  • Chylothorax: effusion of chyle (lymph main outcome of the digestive tract).


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