Guedel Airway


The Guedel airway is a device oropharyngeal rounded used mainly by anaesthesiologists, allows the passage of air and aspiration of pharyngeal secretions.
It basically includes : "See diagram".

  • A collar that is applied to the lips.
  • A stronger right side is inserted between the teeth and prevent duct obstruction Central bite.
  • Part applies curve concave on the language that separates the posterior wall of pharyx.

The Guedel airway is available in different sizes to accommodate the size of patients corresponds to the distance between the labial commissure and the angle of mandible.


  • Atraumatic rounded edges.
  • Easy cleaning.
  • Prevents bite the tongue or the probe and provides free channels air.
  • Easy identification of size with color coded.
  • Anatomical shape.
  • Sterilized with ethylene oxide.
  • For single use only.


The Oropharyngeal airway must be used with any victim whose state of consciousness is sufficiently altered a special person in coma and whose Glasgow Coma Score less than or equal to 8.
It allows the maintenance of the airway in:

  • Avoiding the downfall of the language.
  • Avoiding the bite of the endotracheal tube.
  • Facilitating the aspiration of mucus in the airways.

Code Size Length Colour Items per Carton
6241 0 5cm light blue 20
6242 0 6cm Black 20
6244 1 8cm Green 20
6245 2 9cm Yellow 20
6246 3 10cm Red 20
6247 4 11cm Dark blue 20