Nasal Cannula


  • The Adult nasal cannula is an is an oxygenation system that allows the patient to eat and speak without obstruction. It is ideal for delivery of low concentrations and low flow oxygen therapy in the long term.
  • The Adult nasal cannula assures patient comfort : good support thanks to its setting behind the ears, sliding adjustment ring. Its tip reduces the effects of regular and diffuse irritation oxygen efficiently.


  • Setting up quick and easy.
  • sealing system.
  • Anatomical shape flexible.
  • Attaching easy and comfortable
  • Patients can talk, eat and drink.
  • Can observe the color of the face and vital signs.
  • Latex free - eliminates the risk of allergic reaction to latex and increases patient safety.
  • tips curves best fit the patient's anatomy.
  • Use short and long term.
  • Sterilized with ethylene oxide.
  • For single use.


  • Emergency medical assistance.
  • Emergency Department.
  • Operating room.
  • Recovery Room.
  • Home Care.

Code Size Items per Carton
20000 Pediatric 250
20001 Adult 250