NEO-ALGINATE® is a sterile dressing composed of calcium alginate fibers that turns into a gel upon contact with blood and exudates.


  • Gelling who masters the risk of infection by bacteria capture.
  • Hemostatic, adapts perfectly to the contours a cavity wound.
  • Absorbing up to 15 times its weight.
  • Maintains a moist environment conducive to healing
  • Atraumatic easy removal.


  • NEO-ALGINATE® is indicated for the treatment :
  • The moderately to heavily exuding wounds, in debridement phase ( fibrous wound).
  • Acute or chronic wounds: pressure sores, ulcers, donor sites of grafts, amputation stumps, fistula.
  • Usable on infected wounds, eczematous wounds, provided that the secondary covering dressing is not occlusive itself.
  • The Weeping bleeding wound (burns, postoperative wounds, graft donor site).
  • Phases of the detersion and granulation of wound.

Code PCT Code adhe-els Size Items per Carton
* 10090 10cm x 10cm 15