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NEO-HYDROCOLLOIDE® - Adhels - Adhels



  • NEO-HYDROCOLLOIDE® is a hydrocolloid dressing for low and moderate
    wounds exuding, granulating and epidermization; morpho-adapted.
  • The flexible outer layer helps isolate the wound against bacterial and
    the self-adhesive inner layer maintains a moist wound environnement
    which absorb wound exudate and prevent fluid pooling.


  • Hydrocolloid dressing of occlusive type.
  • Hydrocolloid dressing is permeable to air and impermeable to water and bacteria.
  • Hydrocolloid dressing :
  • Further the scarring.
  • Maintains a humid environment : in contact with the exudats, it turns into a cohesive gel that does not adhere to the wound.
  • Protects newly formed tissue : allows the gas exchange and the
    protection of the wound.
  •  Facilitates a painless debridement encouraging the granulation.
  • Hydrocolloid dressing is easy to use, even in difficult areas (heel, toes, sacrum ...).
  • Hydrocolloid dressing protects and isolates the wound against bacterial contamination and external spots.
  • Sterilized with gamma rayement


Acute wound :

  • Second degree burns.
  • Stump and amputations, dermabrasion.
  • Sites donor transplant.

Postoperative Wounds :

  • Wound pressure stage 1-4
  • Superficial wounds

Chronic wounds :

  • Bedsores.
  • The Ulcers: Dermal, including the wounds with loss complete skin
  • Diabetics - Leg

Code PCT Code adhe-els Size Items per Carton
* 10070 10cm x 10cm 15
* 10071  10cm x 20cm 8