NEOCORTICOTULLE® consists of cloth mesh gauze wide, colored pink by erythrosine
impregnated with the mixture of : Vaseline, sulfate Neomycin sulfate Polymexine B
and Triamcinolone acetonide.


  • Accelerate the epidermization of the wound.
  • Allows a painless withdrawal and a normal skinning.
  • NEOCORTICOTULLE® creates a mechanical, thermal and microbiological barrier and preserve wetlands around the wound.
  • The triamcinolone acts effectively against the hyperinflammation and contributes to the rapid epidermation of the wound by blocking hypertrophic fleshy buds and flattening the buds surface.
  • Against the infection through the presence of two synergistic antibiotics.
  • Neomycin broad spectrum and excellent local tolerance.
  • polymyxin especially active against gram negative and more particularly against Pseudomonas aeruginosa, germ out very tenacious and formidable.


  • Aimed specifically at both abnormal healing represented by superinfection and the inflammatory granuloma, when bud Hypertrophic fleshy, surpassing the edges of the wound, lumpy and infected.
  • Flexible and very conformable, the NEOCORTICOTULLE® is particularly recommanded for difficult localizations wounds.


  • NEOCORTICOTULLE® is against-indicated in case of product allergy, acne or dermatosis.
  • Do not apply to eyelids.
  • Not recommended for infant and pregnant women to advoid the risk of passage in the blood of Corticoïdes.

Precautions of  use 

  • NEOCORTICOTULLE® adheres to the surgical gloves (latex and vinyl). So it is recommended to moisten gloves with some physiological serum to facilitate, in that case, the manipulation of the NEOCORTICOTULLE® .
  • In the presence of clinical signs of local infection, treatment can, in the
    appreciation of the doctor, be pursued.

Code Size Items per Box Items per Carton
3690 10cm x 30cm 10 25