NEOMOUSSE® adhesive


NEOMOUSSE® adhesive and sterile transparent dressing is a highly
absorbent consists of a comfortable cushion of polyurethane foam, an
intermediate layer of absorbent non-woven and a transparent
adhesive film.


  • Sterile hypoallergenic transparent pad with a central foam compress.
  • Provides an instantaneous absorption of exudates and necrotic debris. It has an excellent capacity retention.
  • The foam pad is designed for low to moderate exudates.
  • Absence of maceration : the edges of the wound are protected.
  • Provides space renewal of dressings. Waterproof, to allows taking baths or showers.
  • This pad resistes to chemical and organic agents.
  • Transparent support for a better visibility of the wound state


  • Dressings NEOMOUSSE® adhesive and sterile are principaly indicated for the treatment of wounds exudation low and moderate, including 1st degree burns, traumatic wounds, injuries chronic and the skin tearing.

Code PCT Code adhe-els Size Items per Carton
641 424 10110   9cm x 10cm 15
641 425 10111   9cm x 15cm 10
641 426 10112 10cm x 20cm 06
641 427 10113 10cm x 25cm 06