Neoplast® micro perforated


Neoplast®  micro perforated is a plaster base for zinc oxide significantly adhesive consisting of a support fabric ( Zelwolle and Acetate ) of a viscose coating hypoallergenic adhesive latex.


High adhesion.
Hypoallergenic and latex free.
Permeable to air thanks to macro and micro perforation of the support and blowing of the mass.
Resistant to water, perspiration and the oily substances thanks to the hydrophobic treatment of the support.
Protects sites of punctures against the bacteria. Easy to cut without scissors in both directions. Robust, reliable and non-extensible
Good adhesion to the skin.


Using the hospital mainly as:    Fixing of dressings (zone requiring a visual monitoring, zones mobile).  Attaching of gauzes all forms, size and above all if they are large.  Maintain, Fixing safe and quick of medical devices in different hospital services for patients sensitive and fragile skin:

Code PCT Code adhe-els Size Items per Carton
600 282 3021FB 1,25cm x 5m 84
600 286 3022FB 2,5cm x 5m 50
646 875 3024FB 5cm x 5m 24
_ 3024AB 5cm x 5m 24
646 876 3025FB 7,5cm x 4,57m 18
_ 3025AB 7,5cm x 4,57m 18