Sterile laparotomy compress


The laparotomy compress is cotton woven fabric reinforcement type 17
(17thread/cm2) consisting of a fabric bleached and purified.


  • In natural fibers of gauze 100% cotton, the laparotomy compress is highly absorbent and will be tolerated.
  • Due to their soft texture, they are suited to care cleansing, absorption and cover
  • Due to their folded edges receipts, it helps prevent the risk raveling of particles
    and releases appear.
  • Sterile: Sterilized with ethylene oxide.
  • Very absorbant.
  • For single use.


The laparotomy compress are used primarily in surgery laparotomy.

Code Size Ply number Thread number (cm²) Items of compress per bag Items per Carton
4 099 10cm x 20cm 04 ply 17threads/cm² 02pc/bag 100
4 100 10cm x 20cm 04 ply 17threads/cm² 05pc/bag 50
4 101 10cm x 20cm 06 ply 17threads/cm² 02pc/bag 75
4 102 10cm x 20cm 06 ply 17threads/cm² 05pc/bag 30
4 103 10cm x 20cm 08 ply 17threads/cm² 02pc/bag 50