Thoracic Trocar Drain with X.R.O Line


The Thoracic Trocar drain is a medical device to evacuate the pleural space, while effusion
gaseous or liquid. The latter being subjected to a vacuum allowing exsufflation or disposal of
liquids. The objective is to restore pleural emptiness in order to remove any organic compressions
intra-thoracic and give to the pleura its mechanical function.


  • Bicentimetrique Marking .
  • Distal end blunt.
  • Rounded ports for minimal trauma to the side.
  • Connectors Large diameter size corresponding ensuring a secure connection, a perfect seal system with minimum reduction of the light tube.
  • Ergonomic handle for a controlled introduction of the drain.
  • The end of the trocar has a minimum resistance during insertion.
  • Atraumatic insertion.
  • X.R.O Line to facilitate the control of positioning.
  • For single use only.
  • Sterile : Sterilised by ethylene oxide.


a. Pneumothorax :
It is defined by the presence of air in the pleural space, causing a retraction of the lung, which is
the Collapse because of its elastic properties, and an expansion of the rib cage.
b. Pleural effusion fluid :
Defined by the presence more or less of fluid in the pleural space. Often accompanies serious
Depending on the nature of the liquid, the effusion is described as:

  • Pyothorax : purulent fluid
  • Hémothorax : bloody liquid
  • Chylothorax : chylous fluid
  • Hémopneumothorax : bloody effusion and gas, requiring the installation of 2 drains, one in upper position that drains the gas effusion, the other inferior position in order to drain the effusion fluid.

c. Surgery :
It requires the installation of a pleural drain. When there is an incision of the pleura in per procedure, the pressure of pleural cavity is the same as atmospheric pressure, it is necessary to drain the pleural space to re-attach the 2 pleural layers, and create negative pressure.