Uncuffed Endotracheal Tube


  • Probe thermosensitive PVC transparent dial radio-opaque proximal connector with standard allowing connection to any system of ventilation. It is inserted into the trachea through the glottis through oral, nasal, his goal is to ensure free airway and allow ventilation manual or mechanical.
  • The endotracheal tubes without a balloon are generally used in very young children because there is a significant risk of ischemia of the tracheal mucosa.


  • Soft and flexible semi transparent probe.
  • Radiopaque line for optimal control of device position.
  • Standard connector for easy connection to the ventilation system.
  • The rounded tip of the probe allows atraumatic intubation and brings comfort and patient safety.
  • Suitable for intubation by the oral and nasal way.
  • Latex free
  • A single use
  • Sterile: sterilized by ethylene oxide


A-Maintenance airway permeability :

  • The airways are the entry point to the bronchi of the airflow to and from the lungs.Their freedom is
    essential to survival because the oxygen reserves of the body (approximately, the air in the lungs) does allow a few minutes of battery before death.
  • The obstruction of upper airway may be due to:
    • foreign body.
    • trauma.
    • to fall behind the tongue against the pharyngeal wall in a coma or general anesthesia.
    • accumulation of fluids, blood, secretions.

B-The airway protection :

  • Even if their permeability could be achieved by other methods, the likelihood of passage of gastric
    contents or other fluids (blood and secretions) in the trachea may remain in comas or some surgery.
  • These inhalations induce pneumonia and are particularly serious known as Mendelson's syndrome.
    Tracheal intubation can then isolate tightly the airway tree bronchial balloon through the catheter.

C-The substitution of an inadequate respiratory mecanism :

  • Inadequate breathing may be of a mechanical malfunction with the "bellows" composed of the rib cage, diaphragm and respiratory muscles. In this case, tracheal intubation can assist breathing through an inflating bag or a respirator.

D-The substitution of an inadequate lung function :

  • In some diseases respiratory syndrome (respiratory distress, edema lung, drowning) the ability of the lung to exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide appears insufficient. It is then necessary to increase the volume or pressure of gas inhaled or alter the composition (increased fraction of inspired oxygen, addition of nitric oxide).

E-General anesthesia :

  • Tracheal intubation is frequently performed during general anesthesia.

Code FRENCH Length Items per Carton
6110-CH 2,5 CH 2,5 14 50
6110-CH 3 CH 3 16 50
6110-CH 3,5 CH 3,5 18 50
6110-CH 4 CH 4 20 50
6110-CH 4,5 CH 4,5 22 50
6110-CH 5 CH 5 24 25
6110-CH 5,5 CH 5,5 27 25
6110-CH 6 CH 6 28 25
6110-CH 6,5 CH 6,5 29 25
6110-CH 7 CH 7 30 25
6110-CH 7,5 CH 7,5 31 25
6110-CH 8 CH 8 32 25