Yankauer suction tube


  • Yankauer suction tube in polystyrene 25 cm long with four holes at the distal end side and an eye for adjusting the suction.
  • This device is connected to a suction hose and the vacuum source for aspiration during surgery.


  • Rigid, transparent and curved cannula designed for better visibility and maneuverability in the oral cavity.
  • Atraumatic tip high output and multi-hole, quickly and effectively to remove secretions.
  • Sterilized with ethylene oxide.
  • For single use.


The  Yankauer suction tube  is used to clean up potentially infectious secretions and debris on the tube after aspiration, leaving it drier and cleaner between uses.

Code Ø Int, (mm) Ø Ext, (mm) Lenght (cm) Items per Carton
20040 6,5 8 25 15